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Our team at Impressive Wrap, we provide the training, materials, software and tools essential to starting the business. Our training seminars will thoroughly train your team on the technical elements from wrapping complex front bumpers to wrapping door jams. These classes will also provide training on disassembly, custom graphics, clear bra and all the steps between to truly provide an Impressive Wrap.


We have over a thousand vehicle wraps under our belt and thoroughly understand the complexity of this trade from disassembly to reassembly.


The plotters, heat guns, lubricants and blades are nothing but blunt instruments without the proper training and the knowledge base to use them efficiently. We take strides to equip our locations with the right tools and also train our employees to get into every nook and cranny.


We have experienced a spectrum of different materials from the lowest quality and highest quality. We thoroughly understand the importance of partnering with manufacturers from an installer's point of view. We only support manufacturers of the highest quality and best service to ensure our customers are happy every time.


We guarantee that all our partners will receive the best service from our Los Angeles team with pride of carrying the Impressive Wrap title.


We believe in using the right tool for the job rather than working with something that may seem convenient or good enough. If there isn't a tool available, we'll be the first to innovate one to ensure we're always growing to be the best in the industry.


With hundreds of vehicles out there and infinite complex shapes, there are easy ways and better ways to do things - we believe in sharing our experience to ensure that our knowledge is shared throughout the Impressive Wrap franchise community.

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Impressive Wrap

488 GTB finished with new front end @suntekfilms ppf and @ceramicprousa !
If you had to choose one which one would it be? 🤔 Such an amazing line up at @nurallyofficial
Air suspension is almost complete which means episode 2 of the GT-S build will be on our YouTube soon!
Wrapping the giant SLS hood!
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